donderdag 29 oktober 2009

BIG!!! Clusterframes...

Here i am again :) still not feeling well, but i just had to make you guys something!! I really miss the creative work. But hey, what can you do?
Eventually it will get better, i'm sure of that!

I made you some clusterframes. I really like them. They are VERY BIG!!
I was just practising something for christmas, yes it's really closing in on us now :) And i made a fall cluster. The purple and pink clusterframe i made from a big photo of a hortensia. It is really huge, shot it myself, so the frames are also. The whole hortensia will come as CU item in time.
But for now, they're all PU only. 

Here's the preview

I hope you like them! Will be making another part of my glitter collection available for you all next week, but for now, this was all the pc time i could spend...

Lots of love,

woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Some glitters for you ...

I haven't posted in a while... Thats not because i don't want to, but because i can't. I'm still not feeling well, i couldn't even go on my weekendtrip :(
So i'm not that much behind my screen to make things for you.

I did find time to make some glitters, i know you like them, so i made several colourgroups which i will present to you. Today, i felt like purple, so here comes the purple pack! It is Cu, read my  TOU.

I hope you like it, have fun with it! And i hope i will feel better soon so i can present you with more nice stuff!

Lots of Love,

donderdag 8 oktober 2009

Laces part II..PU

i'm not feeling so well, the fever is over but still i am not ok. Lot of headaches, and my tummy hurts !lol! So for that reason, i haven't been creating a lot.

But i have been working on some more laces, the overwhelming results of the first package was so great, i think you like lace! !lol!  i wanted to make some more difficult laces.

I am going away for the weekend, won't be back until monday evening, so then you know why there are no new things this weekend.

Here's the preview..

I hope you like it, please leave a message when you download it!
I'll be photographing a lot this weekend i hope, so i hope to have some nice things for you after this weekend!

Lots of love,


maandag 5 oktober 2009

Soro's baby Wordart

As you might know, i have a 15 months old daughter and i truely love her. The phase she's in now, gives me mixed feelings. On the one side, she's adorable! She's starting to talk and trying to walk, she looks so adorable, everything is still tiny and chubby and oh i can cuddle for hours with her!

But on the other side, she wants to do so much things now which she can't do yet... And that is so frustrating for her, she has those little tempered moments and that's so sad to see... Then she's really pissed off and moody...

Thankfully, i know this fase will pass... And another phase will come... And that 'll pass also thank god !lol!

Little girls... A joy in your life (most of the times at least !lol! )

I'm playing with my youngest daughters babyphoto's a lot at the moment, it all goes so fast! Feels like yesterday when i held her in my arms for the first time...
Anyway, here's the wordarts i made, I think you can use them too! I used some colours, because black word art isn't always the prettiest. Gave them some effects, see for yourself!

I hope you like them, have fun with them! They fit very nicely with my softpastel kit.
And feel free to show me somethin' you made with them.

Lots of love, 


Some changes...

Here's a small message, i changed my blogbackground, i used to get them from silscreations, (look between my link, she makes awesome backgrounds!!)

but i wanted to make one of my own, which matches my blogheader. And it suits me very well also, soro the bling lover!!

The leaf behind the flower is from Juno.

I don't know where the flower is from, i do know it's a Cu item, because i only load CU items in psp (i use SBM for my personal use scrapkits, so they won't mix!) If you know who it's from, let me know so i can give proper credit!

So, that's all for now,

Lots of love,


Clusterframes .... PU

I like clusterframes! Somehow, other people can make the most beautiful clusters, and mine look like a bunch of ... Yeah indeed...

So i desided to work on those! And i'm pretty satisfied with the results, in consideration that these are my first clusterframes! I hope you like them too!
They are personal use.

Have fun scrapping!

Lots of love,


zondag 4 oktober 2009

Soro's pastel fever PU

I've been playing around with the idea to do something pinkish.
But this is the month of the awareness for brestcancer and i'm very PRO of those foundations, so i'm not gonna put out a pink kit this month, all the attention will go to the awarenesskits.

But what to make now? !lol! Once i got my mind set to something, its REALLY hard for me to change it... Bad habit, i know !lol!
I started playing with pastelcolours. I used green, pink, purple, yellow and "white" for this kit. I left out blue, because i have something else in mind for that colour, you just wait and see !lol!

I was creating, and creating, and playing around, and creating and all the sudden i saw my kit was already 90 MB and i still had to add papers... Oops...
So i threw some stuff out of there (believe me, you wont miss it !lol! ) and made some papers for you with help of some overlays i found on the net.

If you took the time to read my entries and you have been here before, you know i love glitters and stuff. In this kit, there is no glitter, so to replace the shiny effect, i put in diamonds !lol! And some other stones, they match the colours of the kit. I made frames with them also!

I did not put in a theme, but i think this kit is very suitable for babypages, because of the light colours. But you can use it for anything!
The foliage is not made by me, i took it directly from grannyart, she makes such amazing stuff i don't dare to burn my hands on it (yet) I used a few CU products from other designers, see my TOU, they're all in there :) It's for personal use.

Well, enough with the talking, let's show some action! As usual the preview is so fully crammed, and still not everything is on it! HOW DO THEY DO THAT??? !lol!

I hope you like it, leave some love for me, will you?

Lots of love,