woensdag 22 oktober 2014

She's still ALIVE!!

Hello all of you! Yeah yeah, i'm not dead! I did take a very long pause. You know, sometimes life interferes. I havent been on for more then 4 years. But i still get emails! And visits to the site. I cannot refresh the links for you, i lost everything i once created. My computer crashed a long time ago and the downloads... 4shared ate it i guess. :) If you happen to see this and know my work or (even better) still have a copy of my work, please email me!! I'd love to have my stuff back! So, i'm 4 years older now. And a lot wiser ;) But i never forgot scrapping. I haven't had time for it. But i really missed it. So when i got my new computer in September, ofcourse i started to scrap immediately! And when i start to scrap, somehow, i also immediately start to design and create. I have a busy job now, and a complete family to take care of. I won't have a lot of time... So for now, no regular schedule for freebies. But i know they will be back! Thank you all for your loyalty even after 4 years of radiosilence... It warms my heart! Lots of love, Soro

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