dinsdag 30 juni 2015

pixelscrapper Blogtrain juli 2015

Hi all,
Aaaand this month is over too. Time flies in the summer.
The new blogtrain from Pixelscrapper is about to storm the scrapworld :)
It's almost July, my youngest girl is celebrating her 7th birthday this saturday...
And here in the netherlands, we are preparing for a heatwave.
We don't have those often, and temperaturecharts are showing us 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 F) and thats extremely hot for us. We're not used to that!!
Ofcourse, on those very hot days, i have to work...
I hope i'll survive and won't melt at work.
Since its almost never that hot here, we do not have airconditioning. Not at work and
not at home too. So... Little worried whihi!

Lets get on to the kit, very appropriate i think :)
Don't forget to look at the full train, which is available here

get it @ 4shared
I hope it works for everyone, i have no more upload possibilities since i cannot use
dropbox, its full with workstuff.
I wish you all an amazing month!

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