dinsdag 31 maart 2015

Pixelscrapper Blogtrain April 2015

Hi all,
AAAAAPRILL!! My favorite month of the year. Could be because it's my birthday (which i dont really like that much anymore since i went over my 30th nearly 2 years ago) 
 but mostly because it's officially spring and this year easter is in it!
I need spring! My body needs the nurturing warmth of sunlight and my
spirit needs to get out of the house a bit more.
Right now we have a storm, and it feels like autumn.
I love autumn, but not now. I want Spring!!
Well, theme of this blogtrain is reflections. With an amazing blue/yellow colors.
I had no idea what i was gonna do with it. I started playing around,
designing some pieces that you Always need in a kit,
and then it hit me.
Blue is my mothers favorite color.
As a kid, we would get dressed in blue a lot, there was a lot of blue in the house :)
I made this kit, as a reflection on my mother!
There are some essential parts in here, which might not be of use to anyone, but there is
enough in there to make a layout without the special embellishments, so
i think you can use it :)
I hope you like it :)
It's a little earlier this month, but i have to work tomorrow.
Don't forget to get the other parts, which you can find
here @ pixel scrapper

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